love poem

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I wrote this poem. Here’s hoping someone comes along soon to inspire me like he did.

here I am, thinking
Wouldn’t it be nice to write a poem?
wondering when…
if I’ll see him tonight.
oh, Big Daddy,
your sweet little thing is waiting for you
been waiting,
no hating.
just waiting…
not for ‘the one’
but Someone
who could grab my heart and say
look how we’re the same.
Don’t play me, beautiful
you can ask me anything,
I’ll never lie to you
For someone I can believe!
pushing me, so very gentle
in forging this bond
Someone who knows my logic is a front
that I’m hiding my inner neurotic
as if it’s a crime.
But this isn’t a poem,
it hardly even rhymes!
Is the rhythm only in my imagination?
Are we only pretending to dance?
And do time and circumstance
trump the power of this almost romance
the words pour out of my heart
only now they rhyme.
Big daddy… when did that start?

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