Day 2: 7 days of hot yoga

Day 2

I was sore when I woke up this morning. But decided to push through and go for the first class at 10am because I didn’t want to break the 7 day commitment on day 2.

Today’s class was taught by a different teacher, a tall blonde who looked like she stepped off the cover of a chick-lit novel. You know, the cartoony ones with the jewelry, bags and accessories hanging in the air around her, her hair was in a casual up-sweep. The class was great. A different sequence, with new poses I’d never tried before, like the goddess pose. Think of a squat with Cleopatra arms. And lots of triangles, of which I’m a fan; but way too many reverse triangles, of which I am decidedly not. Her sun salutations were way faster than the class yesterday. I missed one again. Had some trouble with the more stretchy stuff because I’m not used to doing two days of hot yoga in a row, and had to remind myself not to push too hard because I need to make it seven days.

My neck is so sore right now. This might be because of being hunched over a computer for 8 hours, or it might be this one thing in yoga that I’ve always had a hard time with – transitioning from downward dog to standing. They always tell you to step forward with one foot then the other but for some reason I can never reach my foot all the way up gracefully and it jars my neck. Every time!

Relaxation at the end was near impossible today. I couldn’t get comfortable and couldn’t quiet my brain. She made a statement, like “let all your muscles relax.” I almost laughed and thought, “ha. You haven’t met my muscles!” The reading was about relationships, endings, letting go to make room for new ones. Interesting stuff about clearing out the old, and I thought mostly about old ways of thinking of myself. Later today, at Starbucks, designing a business card for myself for an event tomorrow, I realized that apart from certain small details (like not having a home) I’m pretty much living the life I used to envy in others. I need to give myself credit for what I have accomplished and for dreaming big and not giving up.

My back, butt and legs are all stiff too. I gotta rest up and go to bed early tonight because tomorrows class is at 8!! Its called lightly heated yoga in the schedule, so I wonder if that’ll be good or bad!

Check back tomorrow and I’ll let you know!


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