The Year of The Flood

Part 1 – Standard Introduction


Everything was rolling along just fine. Not perfect, but okay. I was your average girl, a fun-loving, moderate screw-up with a dysfunctional family and decent friends. I had a little bit of credit card debt, and a little bit of student loan debt; and while it wasn’t quite sustainable, it was getting better. I wasn’t adding to it, anyway. Then I made the unwise decision to leave my job, that I was miserably unhappy and unfulfilled at; couldn’t find a new job and had to borrow money from a friend, got behind on my rent, and found my situation decidedly unsustainable. It was a fight to not sink into depression, and I managed to claw back a bit after a couple of months – found a temp job that had a long commute, no intellectual spark, unwelcoming colleagues and a sociopath for a boss but that paid more money per hour than I’d ever made in my life. Managed to mostly catch up on my rent and the rest of my bills. And that’s when it happened. My apartment flooded after a rainstorm – three times in one week I came home to find water flooding into my basement apartment at the baseboards. On the Sunday, I arrived home from a memorial for my high school principal to find the entire apartment sitting in three inches of water.

I’m not the most lazy person you’ll ever meet, but in my home I wasn’t the most diligent tidy person you’d find either. I was just typical, you know,  you let things go until it piles up and drives you crazy, but I’ve never lived in filth or anything like that. But that tendency to let things go disappears when you’re watching water rush in on your shoes, your bookcases, your magazine basket, under your bed… You just get on that. Tears of frustration and fear streaming down my face, I packed all of my stuff and moved everything I possibly could get out of the water. I dialled and redialled until I could get ahold of one of my landlords, left frantic voice messages for them, and waited until they arrived to help me move my stuff into the vacant main floor apartment temporarily.

And so begins my adventure. The best, the worst, the scariest, the most interesting and educational year (or so) of my life so far.


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